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In case you’ve just stumbled upon this page, I’m known for building a $7 million agency with only 27 clients and my big results with Facebook Ads.

Over the last 17 years since I first started my agency in 2005, I’ve developed and refined the exact methods to attract
high-quality clients, take them through a careful 9-step sales process and come up with the pricing formula that allows me to charge $5,000 to $25,000 per month per client to run their Facebook & Instagram Ads, and retain them for many years.

And for the last 7 years I’ve worked closely with Marketing Agency Owners in my $18k Mastermind to help them achieve all this for themselves.

I’ve recently started a new program specifically for beginner Agency Owners who’ve never achieved a 10k, 20k, 30k or 50k month.  Read on to find out more…

I’ve been running my Marketing Agency, BusinessNET, since 2005

Along The Way, I Have Identified The
3 Biggest Problems Agency Owners Face That Prevent Them From Being Successful:


Undercharging for their services

Most Struggling Agency Owners I see out there are severely undercharging for their services.

A lot of agency owners I speak to are charging $500 to $2,000 per client to do their marketing and run their ads. 

To achieve a goal of $10,000 per month in revenue, that’s as much as taking on 20 clients if charging $500 per month. 

And if they want to make more serious money, say, $30,000 per month, that would mean they’d need to look after 30 to 60 clients. After taxes, software subscriptions, VAs and Marketing Contractors, at the end of the month they are no better off compared to if they only had 2 or 3 clients and did all the work themselves. 

It’s a trap I see too many Marketing Agency Owners fall into. All they’re doing is building a prison for themselves. An agency that robs the owner of their time and their life.


Attracting the Wrong Clients

This is related to the first problem, where most of the clients Agency Owners are talking to are low quality and as a result the Agency Owner feels like they have to charge low fees just to win the business.

They do a sales call with a low quality client, or a client that doesn’t seem to want to invest much money into marketing, and so they feel forced to quote a low fee, knowing the client won’t pay more than $500 to $1,000 per month. 

As a result, the Agency Owner ends up resenting the work and the client.

The client never seems to be happy, always expects too much for the money they’re paying and ends up canceling with the Agency in a month or two anyway. 

It’s all a big waste of time when you consider all the time chasing the client, selling them, doing all the setup work, and the client just walks away anyway. 

What we need are clients that see the value of investing a lot of money into marketing and want to stay for months or even years with us. That’s the only way to build a sustainable business.


BAD Sales Process That Makes the agency Look Like a Commodity rather than a ‘Trusted Advisor’

If the Agency Owner doesn’t go into a sales conversation with good positioning they end up being a ‘service provider’ or a ‘commodity’ that the client will just compare to ‘all the other agencies’.

The client will compare the services to the “other guy” who does Facebook Ads for $500 per month, and the owner can’t win when they’re devaluing what can be provided. 

When the Agency Owner positions themselves correctly through the sales process, the client will view their advice with the highest respect and really value what can be brought to the table. 

The client will expect to pay $3,000 to $25,000 per month for the value they see in the owner, rather than a commodity “Facebook Ads” Guy or Gal.


Unless The Agency Owner Learn's How to Attract High Quality Clients, Charge Them Based on the Value Provided and Maintains the Positioning as a Trusted Advisor, they'll never be able to build a successful Marketing Agency

I Know This Because For the Past 17 Years…

Building My Own $7m Agency with only 27 clients, and teaching Hundreds of Agency Owners These 3 Methodologies

The KEY is to Get These 3 Pillars in alignment, and when you do, everything changes.

For Example, Here’s what happens when it's done right:

So, If they're looking for the clarity and steps to take to Grow an Agency Successfully & Profitably: without it taking over every waking hour of their life…

How Do You Even Go About Doing That?

A lot of people will advise Agency owners to “Find a Mentor”, to find someone who already has what they want to achieve, and learn from them.

I think it’s good advice, but I don’t think it’s the best advice. 

Look, finding a mentor is great, and will help them get there faster. In fact, I’ve had several mentors since I first started in business at 16 years old. 

I do recommend it, but I think there’s a much better & faster way to achieve their goals. 

There’s a Much Better Way to Achieve Their Goals: Gain Access to an Exact System That They Can Replicate

Everything, absolutely Everything, from start to finish. 

For example, if they wanted to start an Electric Car Company to Compete Against Tesla, Imagine How Much Easier It Would Be if they had All of Their Systems, Processes, Plans, Design Processes, Part Numbers, Where to Buy the Parts, Instruction Manuals to Give to Employees, Where to Find These Qualified Employees, Where and How to Find the Investors to give them the money to build the cars, How to Sell the Cars and more.

Imagine how much easier it would be to start an Electric Car Company.

Now that might be a complicated example, but take the Marketing Agency as a better example. 

Imagine if they had Everything, from start to finish, to be able to build an Agency just like I did… with millions in revenue and a small number of clients

With no steps missed out. Fully replicable.

It Took Me Years Of Trial And Error

Until I finally cracked the code and grew my agency to $7m with only 27 clients

And then verified It further by teaching 100s of other Agency Owners these same methods, and seeing them build 6-figure and 7-figure agencies

I’m Going To Show The Steps They Took To Build Their Own Business:

In Agency Launchpad I’ll help the Agency Owners by giving them everything they need to replicate my success:

Establish Value and Set the Pricing For Services

Over the last 17 years I developed and used 8 formulas to get paid high fees.

Most agency owners are severely undercharging because they don’t know how to set their prices correctly. 

I will show them the 8 ways that enable them to charge based on the value they provide.

That means they can charge $3,000 to $25,000 per month and still win the business.

Next, it’s Time to Attract The Right High-Quality Clients To Their Agency

Swipe and Deploy any of my five Agency Marketing Campaigns that I use in my own Agency to this day to generate high quality leads.

If the Agency Owner is just starting out, they may not have the budget to start shelling out for advertising.

My Proven Organic Lead Gen method is the perfect way to get started by strategically using Organic Content to start attracting the first clients

This Super Simple Funnel and Facebook Ads campaign will only take 30 minutes to 1 hour to setup and start generating leads using Facebook & Instagram Ads. 

This surprisingly simple campaign has generated over $3 million in new business for me. 

This is a B2B Funnel to land ‘white collar’ and professional services clients for the agency. 

Which can generate leads for Coaches, Consultants, Accountants, Finance, and pretty much any professional services type business.

This Lead Generation Campaign is perfect for Generating One-Off Windfall Clients willing to pay $25,000+ upfront for consulting and services targeting high-end companies

The Silver Bullet Campaign is designed to generate leads for clients that want to do “Equity Deals” and Profit Share Arrangements, while still paying a monthly retainer PLUS profits.

Now, it’s time to close these deals…

This is the exact sales training I give to new sales employees that join my $7M Agency

The exact 9-step sales process we take our prospects through to close high-value leads, how to handle any objection, how to close at the highest price point possible, how to instil confidence in the prospect, get them to see the owner as a trusted advisor and how to ‘recover’ any lost sale they may encounter

Giving You My Exact Systems and Processes
is Not Enough…

Just handing over everything we’ve used to grow my Agency is super valuable on it’s own, but I want to go a step further…

One-on-One Coaching

We get on 2x calls (included in your investment) to help with pricing, Facebook Ads, marketing and lead generation, and sales.

Get coaching specifically on the agencies marketing and the deals they’re currently handling and get advice on how to handle them, including Sales Role-Play, Help with Facebook Campaigns and more

The option to invest in further coaching sessions is available


Invest in this “One Time Only” Lifetime access Today and receive over 30 other courses covering areas such as:

Facebook Ads
and more

Everything necessary to land the first 3 clients and get the Agency to 10k, 20k, 30k or Even 50k per month is right here

Here's Just Some of our Members Wins:

The Question Remains:

Do You Want to Grow Your Agency to 10k to $50k per month...

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