For Anyone Looking To Start and Scale A Marketing Agency to 6-Figures With Only 3 to 5 Clients

Revealed: The Unique "Value Based Pricing" Method That Lands Me $5,000 - $25,000 per Month Agency Clients

“New Book Reveals A Counter-intuitive Marketing Agency Approach That Lands You $5,000 to $25,000 Per Month Agency Clients

The counter-intuitive approach to building a High Profit, Highly Leveraged Marketing Agency... With Only a Handful of Clients & Staff

You can use my book to start getting paid what you're worth

“Confessions of a Marketing Agency Owner” presents a unique approach to building and scaling a sustainable and highly profitable marketing agency that allows you to generate 6 to 7 seven figures a year while only working with a few clients and a small team.

This enables you to deliver maximum value and results that make your clients more than happy to pay you high premiums and stick with you for years.

We achieve this by using one of eight unique pricing models where agency owners charge based on the value they deliver to their clients and stop trading time for money.

Using what is taught in this book, you can create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and have the freedom to enjoy life.

NOT have your agency consume your life…

Confessions Of A Marketing Agency Owner Is A Shortcut.

Before creating the unique “value-based pricing” agency model, I ended up leaving tens of thousands of dollars (or more) on the table…

After saving a company from completely crashing down and only getting paid $2,000, or when I made another company over $3M and only got paid $20,000 for it…

I realized I didn’t know how to charge what I was worth.

And I knew there had to be a better way.

Because the old agency model is broken…

I was on a mission to find a ‘back door’ to get paid what I was worth.

After years of trial and error, I have successfully scaled my agency to over $7 million a year with a team of only 6.

I did it by creating and using the “value-based pricing” system.

And now you can duplicate the exact same “value-based pricing” system for your own agency by downloading a $97 book called Confessions of a Marketing Agency Owner.

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See What Agency Owners Are Achieving With The Strategies Inside This Book...

Dear Agency Owner,

Listen up:

My marketing agency, BusinessNET turns over more than $7M per year. We have just 27 client campaigns to take care of… most of them with just one Facebook™️ campaign and one funnel. 

I have a team of 6 staff. The company runs under management.

Meaning whether I turn up to work or not…

My clients get results.

The company gets paid.

And I make money.

Now – I’m not telling you this to brag.

But I have a serious question for you:

What if you and I, could trade places?

You Snap Your Fingers & Just Like Magic, You’re Now Running A $7M Per Year Marketing Agency… with a manageable number of clients

You know exactly how to attract your ideal leads, easily convert them into high-paying clients, and have a team that manages the entire process for you.


You don’t have to work 18 hours per day for the next 10 years…

Or spends hundreds of hours & thousands of dollars on expensive mistakes… figuring out the right way to run your agency…

If we could trade places like that…

Would you want to?

I know it sounds absolutely crazy… but the truth is – we can.

Imagine being able to pick up the “owner’s manual” to the easy way of running a multi million dollar marketing agency…

And “poof”… all the answers are there right in front of you.

That’s exactly what my brand new book is…

“Confessions Of A Marketing Agency Owner”

A chance to get inside my brain, discover exactly how I built my agency and avoid the cardinal sins most agency owners make.

I did it with one main goal in mind:

Help them shortcut the process and shave years off the learning curve… by sharing everything I know.

And you might wonder why I ‘actually’ want to do that?

Like what’s the catch?

Surely if you’ve spent 16 years and an insane amount of money to build an agency…

You’re not in a rush to reveal everything you know for next to nothing?

Well – the truth is this:

I know when you read my book, you’ll get so much value from it, that you’ll want to join my Marketing Agency Accelerator™ and get my help to implement everything you learn in the book.

But I’ll get to that later.

If You Run A Marketing Agency, Here’s What I Know For Certain:

But the harsh reality is… that’s just the tipping point.

You’re working 60 – 80 hours per week for less money than when you started the business.

You can’t relax. If you ever have time to go out to dinner with your partner, you’re spending your time on the Ads Manager mobile app, constantly checking where your clients are up to.

It’s all good though. You tell everyone you know that you work a lot because “you love it”. May as well tell them that… you’re trapped by your business so you have to enjoy it.

And then, just like every agency does… after busting yourself to work on a client’s campaign… they end up firing your agency.

Maybe you didn’t get them results…

Or maybe the results you got were so good they thought they could do it themselves… (yeah, this one is way worse, but we’ve all been there, right)

Now – I’m not saying this to make you feel bad.

The truth is…

I Know Exactly How It Feels

Being underpaid and delivering a ton of value for your clients, all while working yourself to the bone and being stressed out of your mind.

In fact, I started my agency in 2005.

Well before Facebook Ads were even a thing.

I would rent an email list of people from a certain geographic area that met my demographics.

“10,000 People aged 30-45 from Sydney, Australia”.

I would email out an offer to them.

Every few months. Rinse and repeat.

When I got my first client, I did exactly what I thought would work best.

I took their existing offer that had been working since the 1980’s, and emailed it out to the list that fit their demographics best.

That Campaign Made My Client $3,000,000

It was at that moment, that I realised there had to be a better way to run an agency.

I had been paid less than 1% of the revenue I had generated for my client.

It just didn’t make sense to me.

Getting paid a small flat fee or a small retainer, when you were bringing so much value to your clients… was the fastest way to spend every minute of your working life hating what you were doing.

After running this campaign and working with my first few clients… I knew there had to be a better way.

I had to charge based on the value I was providing. Not a percentage of the sales that got made… but an upfront fee, based on how much the leads and sales would make them.

Once I made this realisation, and implemented it into my agency… I’ve never looked back.

I mean, imagine this:

How Would Your Agency Change, If Every Month Your Stripe Account Looked Like This?

(All of these are clients paying a retainer, upfront and in advance. This is not on performance.)

And that’s just the beginning.

The best part is, I’ve also helped other agency owners do the exact same thing, including:
Now… why am I telling you this? Well, after meeting so many agency owners over the past 10 years that were struggling with the exact same challenges…

I decided to write a book revealing every single thing I know about how to build an agency.


“Confessions of a Marketing Agency Owner”

Inside my brand new book, you’ll discover:

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Live Case Study Breakdown of $1.92M Agency Funnel

Grab the book and get a live video training from me breaking down every element of the 2 step funnel that generated $1.92M for my client.

In this 26 minute training, I reveal the landing page, thank you page and other incredibly important details that all contributed to my client making $1.92M from this campaign.

The Cost Per Sale was $760 from Facebook Ads.

The Lifetime Value of the Customer was $36,000.

Want to know how you can get numbers like this in your business? Then you need to grab the book and these bonuses today.

Even if You Haven’t Started Your Agency Yet…
This Book is Perfect for You

Look if you’re just starting your marketing agency, you need to read this book.

It will ensure you avoid making the expensive & crucial mistakes almost every agency owner makes when starting out.

You will be able to read the book, and not only start on a clean slate, but you’ll be miles ahead of every one who didn’t know these simple strategies and tips before they started.

Reader Reviews

Sally Michaels


I love this book from Ben. Practical, no BS tips and strategies to help you grow your agency in a way that actually scales with ease.

I was no different to other agency owners, charging too little, working myself down to the bone with no end in sight. “Confessions” taught me how to think differently. How to approach my marketing agency like a high value business consultant, not just another person who runs ads.

It’s completely changed the game for me. You absolutely MUST read this if you run an agency.

Brian Cassingena


This book takes the complexity of running an agency and breaks it down into a super simple, transparent and easy to follow process that practically anyone could use to grow their agency – and do it fast.

Thanks for sharing

James Hepburn


Confessions of a Marketing Agency Owner is Ben’s latest book that shares the secrets and lessons he learned along the way while growing a successful marketing agency. Reading this book completely changed my mind on how to approach growing an agency and the best way to price your services.

Most of all it showed me exactly where I’ve been going wrong and how to fix it. Highly recommended – a must read if you run an agency.

Theo Stavrou


Ben Simkin – what can I say, you’ve done it again. I’ve read all of Ben’s books, as they are jam packed full of valuable information to take your business to the next level. This book is now different, revealing everything you need to know to grow your agency to the next level.

I’m off to implement everything I’ve learnt and take my agency up a gear!

Here’s My Guarantee

Buy the book for just $97. You’ve got a whole year to read it.

If you completely hate it and get no value from it, I’ll give you a full refund. It’s that simple.

All you need to do is shoot my support staff an email ([email protected]) and we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Get Your Copy of
“Confessions of a Marketing Agency Owner” NOW

P.S. – if you decided to skim the entire page… here’s what you need to know:

1. For just $97, you can “trade places with a marketing agency owner” and get the entire blueprint I used to grow my agency to $7M per year in revenue with just 27 clients and 6 staff.

2. Inside, you’ll discover how to charge more, make more money from less clients, and do it all with a highly skilled, motivated and outsourced team.

3. If you hate it and don’t get a single piece of value from it (which will never happen), I will give you your money back.

You literally can’t lose – so click the “Order Now” button and grab my new book today.

Benjamin D. Simkin

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