How to Double Your Agency Without Getting More Clients

If you’re an agency owner that wants to make more money…

And you think the only way to do it is get more clients…

Listen up:

Here’s a common scenario most agency owners face.

They start their business and get their first clients.

They quickly get to $5,000 to $10,000 / month… 

Life is good, right?

Now – most agency owners don’t realise this…

But at this point, they’re headed for trouble.

Here’s why:

Just like any entrepreneur… they want to grow.

And they only see one way to do it:

Get more clients.

They keep pushing on… and before they know it…

They’ve got more clients.

But more work.

Which means more late nights… more meetings with clients…

More fires to put out…

More stress…

And overall, less satisfaction.

They’re making more money.

But if they’re super honest, they know it can’t keep going the way it is.

Or they’ll burnout.

“Shit. I know what I need to do… HIRE A TEAM”.

Good idea in theory… and of course it helps.

But it adds complexity.

Where do you hire someone?

Who should you hire?

Someone to train? 

Someone with existing skills?

One will be cheap and not provide much value for a while.

The other will be expensive…

So hopefully they add value… but now you’re making less money.

So – what’s my point here?

Well, this is the reality:

If you follow the traditional agency model…

Charge a $500, $1k or $2k monthly retainer… like most do for some reason.

It’s a road to nowhere.

I mean damn.

If you get 20 clients at $1,000 / month, you’ll only just crack $20,000 in monthly revenue.

But here’s a question?

Ever tried managing 20 clients?

Yeah it’s not easy.

Or fun. 

For all the reasons above.

So by the time you pay your team… and cover all your expenses…
Pay your taxes.

You’re doing tons more work.

Taking on heaps more risk.

And your profit is basically the same as when you had no staff and $5k / month revenue.

Fortunately for me… I never subscribed to the traditional agency model.

I learned early on that if you wanted to grow a successful business… you needed to be paid a percentage of the value that you added.

And using that philosophy alone… that one of my first mentors taught me…

I grew a marketing agency that generated over $5,000,000 in revenue with only 26 clients.

I did over $1,000,000 in revenue with no team.

You see if you want to double your agency…

Without doubling your client base…

Then it goes without saying… but you need to get paid MORE by each client.

Or get new clients that pay you twice as much as your current ones.

The good news is…

This is way easier than you think.

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